Become a Volunteer

Our volunteer team is essential to Kelmscott Manor, from welcoming visitors and selling tickets to running activities and engaging with visitors in the Manor House or Learning Barn.

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. Volunteering with us means you will be joining a large and friendly team while gaining rewarding experience at a busy heritage site and building new skills.

Our roles are flexible, so we won’t ask you to commit to a minimum number of hours, all we ask is that you are enthusiastic about Kelmscott, friendly to everyone and willing to get stuck in!

If you are interested in volunteering at Kelmscott Manor, you can find out more information and apply here:

Information about volunteering

Existing volunteers can access the online Volunteer Management System here:

For more information, please contact our Visitor & Volunteer Manager via email at [email protected]

Why volunteer with us?

There are lots of reasons people enjoy volunteering with us.

Volunteering can be a rewarding way to use existing skills and develop your knowledge about a new subject. Here is what one of our volunteers, Jane, has to say about her experience:

image of volunteer alongside quote of why they volunteer

“I visited Kelmscott in the 70’s when Oxford University was the custodian and it opened once a month during the summer season. On that visit I fell in love with a painting – “The Blue Silk Dress”.  Years later, I took a visiting friend to Kelmscott Manor and when I booked the tickets I noticed that volunteers were needed. During the visit I asked the Visitor & Volunteer Manager if I could apply – ‘Certainly!’ was the answer and I began almost straight away. That was September 2022.

Being at Kelmscott gives me great pleasure in so many ways, I love gaining the knowledge of all things “Morris“, and have found pleasure in helping visitors to soak up the atmosphere of Kelmscott. I have had the responsibility of my own business for many years, which involved the public and there are exchangeable skills that I am able to draw upon to help visitors to enjoy their time at Kelmscott. Needless to say, retirement can be isolating and being involved at the manor has given me the opportunity to discover a new interest and meet new people.

I still love looking at the ‘The Blue Silk Dress’ and all it represents.”

– Jane

You don’t have to be an expert to start volunteering! Read about why Julie started volunteering:

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“When I started volunteering at Kelmscott Manor, I didn’t really know a lot about William Morris, but I was interested to find out more. I’m not a Historian, but I’ve always had an interest in

– Julie

Volunteering can help you meet new people and improve your personal confidence. Here, Phil talks about why he started volunteering at Kelmscott Manor:

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“My busy work life left little room to spare for others. I wanted to do something that gave back to people, so when I retired being a volunteer at Kelmscott Manor fitted perfectly. I love sharing my knowledge of Morris and the Collection with people who are interested, and volunteering is rewarding. It’s a chance to keep your brain active and meet people to share your passion.”

– Phil

Life can get busy but volunteering can help focus your free time. Here is what Ruth enjoys about Kelmscott Manor:

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“I became a volunteer following my retirement as I like to be useful. I have discovered at Kelmscott a haven of tranquility countering the frenzy of modern life, together with fascinating revelations into the Arts and Crafts movement and William Morris in particular.”

– Ruth