Family Activities at Kelmscott Manor

Our Learning Barn at Kelmscott Manor is the perfect place to find crafts and activities that will help you get creative and curious around our special site.

For those that can’t make it to site we also have a range of resources to bring Kelmscott into your home.

Visit our events page to see our upcoming family events for the season.

Family activities to try at home

Mindful Photography

A great activity for all the family to try either in your local area or further afield is mindful photography. Why not follow our simple guide and have a go?

Lets Make Art! in association with West Ox Arts

Our friends at West Ox Arts have made some amazing artwork inspired by their visits to Kelmscott Manor. We’ve teamed up to help you make your own art using their artwork as a guide. Choose a prompt and get creating!

Make Your Own Nature journal

We love to watch the seasons change at Kelmscott Manor and to record all the nature we see around us.
Here we’ll show you how to make a nature journal out of a single piece of paper!

Slow Looking

Slow looking is the practice of pausing and spending time looking closely at something. Museums and galleries are particularly good places to practice slow looking, but you really can do it anywhere, with any object, in any place – it is simply about taking a longer look at the world.

Follow our prompts below to try slow looking with objects from our collection.

Letter Writing

William Morris was a prolific writer and even in todays fast paced world where we can connect with each other instantaneously there is still something to be said for taking the time to sit and write a letter to a friend or loved one, who will in turn have the pleasure of receiving it and taking the time to read it.

Why not follow our instructions for writing your own letter and turning it into an envelope.